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IUI Cost – Artificial Insemination expenses


IUI cost

Intrauterine insemination or IUI has helped many women beat the odds against them and conceive a baby. IUI cost is for many couples a consideration when attempting to conceive, and this is sometimes difficult to estimate because different issues involved with infertility can affect the financial aspect of the procedure.

Artificial Insemination Procedure

Intrauterine insemination is a workable solution for many with infertility issues. It is a simple to understand procedure. Sperm, either from a partner or a donor is concentrated then placed directly into the uterus. The procedure takes place the day after the ovary releases an egg. IUI costs might be affected by whether a donor is needed, or what fertility drugs are necessary. IUI costs might be affected if for example, periods are infrequent, or unpredictable and fertility medications are needed to help coordinated a date for the IUI.

Most Common IUI Reasons

IUI cost is as stated in some ways dependent on the reason the procedure is recommended for conception. Cervical factor infertility is one of the most common reasons that woman will need infertility help. For those with CFI the IUI cost is prudent since becoming pregnant by natural means could take many years or prove impossible. Part of the IUI cost benefit is that during the procedure, the cervix is bypassed and the semen is deposited directly into the uterus making an increased number of sperm available to fertilize the egg.

Mild Male Factor Infertility and IUI Cost

IUI offers one of the best fertility treatments for those whose partner has a below average sperm concentration or who has low sperm motility. This can also help if there are certain types of abnormalities about the sperm. IUI cost here are very direct since during the procedure the sperm is prepared separating the normal sperm from those that are either abnormal or that aren’t highly motile.

IUI Cost using Donor Sperm

Using donor sperm can work in two ways. Donor sperm can be arranged for by the woman or family involved or by the clinic or hospital. When procured by the clinic this is included in IUI cost. Sperm can be frozen then thawed at the appropriate time. For women who wish to have a child, or couples with difficulty conceiving the use of donor sperm is sometimes the most economical choice for conception.

Insurance and IUI Cost

It is possible to find health insurance companies with policies that cover all or half of IUI cost, but all policies should be looked at carefully. The IUI procedure is one that has been practiced for decades, but the fertility drugs used are being improved on continuously. Frequently only well tested drugs will find a way onto an insurance company’s list of approved medications, while newer drugs that are a part of IUI cost must be paid out of pocket by the patient. Insurance also typically only pays for a set number of “rounds” or attempts using the procedure, so those who want to continue trying beyond this point will pay out of pocket.

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