Pethidine Relief- Does It Harm Your Baby?

Penthidine ReliefThere is a lot of controversy surrounding pain relief during birth. One of the most feared drugs that is administered to women in childbirth to relieve pain is pethidine. The drug is fast acting, but it is also very similar to morphine. But does the drug harm your new born during birth? This article will answer your questions.

Pethidine is actually a narcotic medication, once it enters into the mother’s blood, it crosses the placenta. Although it is a fast-acting method of pain relief and approximately 30 minutes after the mother having the drug inserted into her muscle, it can be detected in the amniotic fluid. If it has been put into the vein directly, then it will be found in the fluid after just 2 minutes after the drug entering the mother’s body. It takes two hours for the effects of the pethidine to wear off on the mother.

The drug is known to provide effective relief in pain during the birth. Any pethidine that is left inside your baby’s blood system after the delivery has to be excreted by your new-borns kidneys and liver. Because your baby is small, it can take about three days to completely get rid of the drug. It is a very dangerous drug to play with, and if you don’t need to have the pethidine then it is best to steer clear of it when you are delivering your child.

First up, those mothers who have pethidine increase the risk of their child not wanting to breathe themselves after birth. Many children, in fact, 1 in 4 that have had pethidine have to have an injection and a facemask to reverse the effects from the drug, making them able to breathe on their own. Also, new-borns that have been subject to pethidine down to the mothers pain relief will also be born looking dazed, pale and in effect, high. Their bodies are colder than other children and they are at an increased risk of being born looking jaundiced.

Because the drug is able to be passed into the babies system directly after giving birth it does not mean that all babies will suffer from effects that are bad. This article covers the negatives that can happen to 1 in four babies that are delivered between one and three hours of the drug being injected.

It must also be noted that when you take pethidine during the birth you will more than likely be out of it, and unable to celebrate the arrival of your new arrival because you will be feeling sick and tired. Many mothers vomit after taking the drug and this itself can make a joyous occasion quite a messy one.

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