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Surrogate – How to find one that suits you?


Surrogate Search

There are as many reasons for a woman to find herself looking for a surrogate mother, as there are hopeful mothers-to-be. The reasons for needing someone else to carry your child range from infertility to simply wanting to become a mother but not being able to experience a pregnancy at this point in time. No matter the reason, finding the person who will help nurture and care for a baby is a much easier process than it once was in the past.

More Acceptance Surrogacy

As the need of surrogate mothers has grown and the services have become more common, social acceptance of surrogacy is more widespread. In turn, this acceptance has brought more women to both sides of surrogacy. It’s easier to find a surrogate who will have the qualities that match your hopes, as many responsible, loving women want to become part of bringing a new life into the world.

Where to Start Looking?

Finding a surrogate mother alone is a daunting process, so it’s usually recommended to find a reputable agency. Having a baby brings out strong emotions. While it’s tempting to have friends or family take on the role as surrogate this can lead to problems. Families have found that the role of surrogacy should be a unique one in order to avoid to complicating other relationships. In finding a good agency to help find a surrogate you can avoid having to do background checks or going through a drawn out selection process while narrowing down those surrogates you feel comfortable with meeting. Agencies perform extensive background checks, handle the matter of contracts, and match needs of clients with a possible candidate.

Questions to Ask?

Another recommendation for those who have successfully found a surrogate is to ask for complete medical records. Despite the fact that agencies do background this is one factor that shouldn’t be left up to anyone else, and a question that should be answered personally between the family involved and the surrogate. The agency should provide references for surrogates and a family or prospective parent should check these out carefully.

Questions Surrogates Might Ask

That the surrogate in question might have questions for prospective family shouldn’t be a surprise. Caring about the child’s future demonstrates a mature and caring attitude. Typically, such questions are not invasive. If questions seem to dwell on financial matters within the home, however this could be a warning sign.

Recommendations on What to Look for?

Many people who have successfully worked with a surrogate in the past recommended finding someone who has a family and children. Often, these individuals are the most responsible parents since they know what to expect from pregnancy, and have an active interest in helping someone else start a family. This individual will also have a medical history of successful pregnancies, which minimize the chances of future complications.

Lawyers and Surrogate

Whether working with an agency or through someone you know having a lawyer go over the contract carefully with you can avoid issues or misunderstandings.

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