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Surrogate Mother Cost is not so affordable

surrogate mother costSurrogate Mother Cost keeps raising these days. In looking for a surrogate, remembering that every state and country will have different laws and rights for the surrogate will help in understanding the cost required. No matter where you find the surrogate mother, cost will need to be discussed before any contract is signed.

Understanding the needs

The typically agreement that works for many couples or individuals removes all cost for the pregnancy from the surrogate and places this on the prospective parents. In most cases, other expenses related to the surrogate mother’s day to needs are also part of the contractual obligation for the new parents. These figures should be listed in the contract, and firm expectations of the surrogate mother cost needs should take into account sudden unexpected events that will affect the pregnancy. Some of the couple prefer to take the Child Adoption route instead of going through the long tedious surrogacy process and handling the high costs involved.

Surrogate Mother Cost Broken Down

A few items that initially surprise some couples or individuals contracting with a surrogate are really a matter of common sense. Maternity clothing allowance at roughly $1,000 or should be expected as the requirement for this clothing is related to the pregnancy. Often there is a fee for insurance, which is also a dictate of common sense since this will in the long run keep surrogate mother costs lower. Life insurance paid to the surrogate mother is also frequently requested. In addition, another surrogate mother cost expense is payment of over $1,000 toward the attendance of a surrogate support group, counselor, or therapist. Monthly costs ranging from a thousand or more that cover various fees such as childcare, travel, phone calls and other needs as related to the pregnancy.

Surrogate Mother Cost Combined with Legal Fees

Legal fees related to surrogate mother cost include a criminal background check, psychological screening, escrow fees, and basic lawyer fees. A criminal background check should been completed by a professional and the fees for this usually start at over $200.00. In order for both parties to have better confidence that surrogacy will not be psychologically taxing for the surrogate screening by a psychologist is a good idea. Fees here start at $1000.00. Escrow accounts also offer assurance to those involved and are part of surrogate mother cost. Attorney fees as part of the surrogate mother cost should be expected to run over $5,000.00.

Possible Additional Medical Costs

The surrogate or an agency might request an additional fee if the doctor requires a cesarean section. With this surgery, there will be a longer recovery time, pain, and a scar. The fee for cesarean section adds over $2000.00 to surrogate mother cost.

Taking Fees and Surrogate Mother Cost in Perspective

Despite the broad range of fees involved with surrogate mother cost, it should be remember that any time a new family member is added emotional and financial costs are to be expected. Don’t get hasty decisions before you are completely satisfied by the choice of your surrogate. This person is going to grow and protect your precious little family member for the next 10 months. So, it’s not just the surrogate mother cost that matters but finding an emotionally and medically fit surrogate is very important.

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