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How to Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

chance of getting pregnant

Chance of Getting Pregnant

Waiting for the pregnancy that won’t seem to happen is frustrating. In fact, this wait is sometimes heartbreaking. This is especially true for those who have waited until a point of time when a child would have the best chance of a happy future, the waiting can seem unfair. Unless one or both of the couple involved has a medical condition making the best chance of getting pregnant more difficult there are ways to increase the probability of having a baby.

Predicting Ovulation for the Best Chance

One method offering the best chance of getting pregnant has been used for generations. A series of factors govern the chances of getting pregnant including the hormones from the pituitary gland stimulating the ovaries to release an egg or ovulation. For those with a predictable cycle knowing this when this cycle starts and stops offers an opportunity of predicting the best chance of getting pregnant.

Signs of Ovulation

For the best chance of getting pregnant, a woman should know her body well. When ovulation is about to occur there is an increase in clear, thicker secretions in the vagina. The appearances of these sections are often compared to raw egg whites. The chances of getting pregnant are less when there are no secretions or when they appear darker and have sticky texture.

Body Temperature and the Best Chance of Getting Pregnant

When a woman is ovulating, there is an increase in the basal body temperature. This difference is slight and easy to miss unless the woman uses specially designed thermometer for this purpose. A woman can increase the chance of getting pregnant by taking her temperature with a basal thermometer once a morning before rising from bed. The readings should be plotted using a spreadsheet and then after a few months, it’s possible to look for a pattern of rising and falling temperatures. The difference is normally as slight as one degree.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

The best chance of getting pregnant can be increased by an ovulation predictor kit. These kits are not very expensive and can be found over the counter for twenty dollars or less at most pharmacies. Following the directions helps to identify when ovulation is the most likely to occur and helps women to identity when during the month offers the best chance of getting pregnant.

Increasing the Chance of Getting Pregnant

Naturally, the chance of getting pregnant increases when the couple has sex more frequently, especially around the time of ovulation. While it increases the chance of getting pregnant, it shouldn’t become a chore or add stress in the couple’s lives. Both of the couple should try to remain relaxed, eat healthy, and avoid stress as this is shown to reduce the chances of fertility for both men and women.

The best chance of getting pregnant comes when a couple is taking care of themselves. The possibility of having a baby is increased by not dwelling on the pregnancy issue. Remaining confident and enjoying time spent together increases the chances of pregnancy.

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