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Finding a Reliable Fertility Test

Finding a Reliable Fertility Test

fertility testTrying to have a baby is for some prospective mothers a frustrating experience. After a year of trying those who have not become pregnant have a legitimate interest in learning if there is are reasons for this. There are a number of fertility tests that can measure the conditions necessary for conception, but its necessary to know which ones to try.

Easy to Use Infertility Test

Some fertility tests are easy, because a trigger for pregnancy is simple to spot. Luteinizing hormone also called LH is produced by the pituitary gland. A rise in LH is the body’s signal for ovulation. Ovulation predictor kits are a type of fertility test that can be purchased in most drug stores. Like a pregnancy test, it evaluates urine for a surge in LH, which shows the window of opportunity for fertility.

When to use an Over the Counter Fertility Test

Awareness of the body’s cycles is the first step to using almost any type of fertility test. Keeping a graph on paper or computer spreadsheet will allow a woman to track ovulation. LH should appear twenty four to forty eight hours before ovulation. The over the counter test can be used anytime of day during this period to test for higher levels of the hormone. It’s recommended that those using this fertility test reduce fluid intake four hours before taking the test.

Male Fertility Tests

The bulk of over the counter tests for fertility have been for women, but there are now fertility tests for men. A sperm check fertility test is simple to use, and offers men privacy in being able to find if their sperm count contains less than 20 million sperm per milliliter. A low sperm count diminishes the possibility of pregnancy, but as long as sperm are being produced, there is still a possibility. A couple can see a doctor regarding low sperm count, or to find the cause of male sterility.

When to See a Doctor

Should low levels of LH be found or if there is no results from using this information to track the best times to try to conceive with no results after six months seeing a doctor about medical tests is a prudent idea.

Doctors and Further Fertility Testing

The best result for fertility tests comes when the couple visits a fertility doctor or clinic together. As many different conditions must be meet for conception to occur most couples find that a comprehensive physical exam is first step a doctor will want to take. In a first visit, a doctor must also ask questions couples might find embarrassing, but to find answers this information is as important as any fertility test.

Taking Fertility Tests a Step Further

In woman’s body ovulation is triggered by hormone levels, so many tests will be conducted to check for problems. Fertility test taken will include ovulation testing, ovarian function tests, luteal phase testing, and a complete hormone panel of tests. Comprehensive testing can better answer the questions of infertility, and usually help in developing a plan for conception.

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