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PCOS Diet – Is there a cure by eating right?

pcos diet


Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the leading causes of female infertility. Many have found that through treatment and diet some of the symptoms of this condition are reduced. The PCOS diet like all diets takes commitment, but most women find it is worth the effort expended.

The Cause of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS affects only female and is related to an imbalance in sex hormones. Like most conditions that are caused by hormone imbalance there is an affect on a number of different systems and parts of the body. Often the reason someone might visit a doctor regarding PCOS is for treatment for skin problems. The PCOS diet lowers the amount of foods that can influence hormonal balance.

Signs of PCOS

Some of the signs of PCOS are chronic anovulation, acne, hirsutism, menstrual disorders, and metabolic syndrome. One of the reasons it is believed that the PCOS diet can be of help is that it can aid those who have insulin resistance, and homocysteine levels that are often found with metabolic syndrome.

PCOS Diet and Total Treatment

Along with infertility, women with PCOS have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and type II diabetes. The PCOS diet can also aid in preventing the development of these other conditions, as well as easing symptoms of PCOS.

Seeing a Doctor

A doctor should confirm the diagnosis of PCOS, and a woman should have a physical before starting any diet. Speaking with a doctor first can also prevent misunderstandings relating to infertility especially if fertility tests are run that could indicate whether PCOS is factor in an individual’s fertility or whether there are also other issues. As the PCOS diet can help with some of the issues experienced by those with this condition a doctor might confirm the diagnosis with several test before recommending it. Tests for PCOS include an ultrasound, biochemical-screening test for oligoovulation and anovulation.

In PCOS Diet is not the Cause

Diet isn’t the cause of PCOS despite the fact that it can help with managing the problem. There is strong evidence that PCOS has a genetic component, but the exact cause has not been identified. It is known that managing weight helps especially with those who have severe issues along with PCOS.

Food Triggers

Most foods cause an insulin response, and some foods can trigger hormonal reactions. The PCOS diet reduces the amount of cereals, breads, and pastas replacing them with whole wheat, brown rice, and beans. Manufactured carbohydrates are often triggers for hormonal reactions so another component of the PCOS diet is to replace these with whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The PCOS diet has much in common with diets used by those who only issue is insulin resistance. Both the PCOS diet and the insulin resistance diet promote healthy eating and safe weight loss.

Exercise and the PCOS Diet

If weight is a factor than along with the PCOS diet, it’s recommend to exercise under a doctor’s guidance. It is a proven fact that losing weight and maintaining a balanced BMI will improve fertility. It helps to get rid of infertility issues without any costly methods.

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