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5 Months Pregnant and Half Way Long

5 months pregnant

5 Months Pregnant

Pluses and minuses exist as a mother reaches the end of the 4th month of pregnancy. In the 5th month, the changes to both the mother and child’s body are more obvious. At 5 months pregnant, it’s a good time to take stock, and make plans for the future.

Changes for the Mother

Many women find to their relief symptoms of morning sickness subside at this point. Some mothers see it vanish complete, while others have the experience less frequently. At 5 months, pregnant moms will see a 5- to 10-pound gain. Outwardly, the lower abdomen will show a swelling that people will begin to notice. Some mother’s might find that clothing still fits, while others will need to make the switch to maternity clothes. At 5 months, pregnant wearing clothing that’s too tight can cause health issues.

Health for the Mother at 5 months pregnant

Routine check ups are increasingly important. At 5 months pregnant a mother and doctor can discuss a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. As slight movement is felt from the baby at this point seeing how the baby is, doing can put the mother’s mind at ease. A doctor will typically start cautioning a mother at 5 months pregnant to rise from a sitting position slowly as standing up too quickly can cause dizziness.

When Mom is 5 Months Pregnant

The baby when the mother is 5 months pregnant is making some remarkable changes too. There’s a good reason that Mom can now feel an occasional flutter, or at times a flicker of movement because the baby is now 7-9 inches long. While pink, translucent and more than a little wrinkled the baby can now make facial expressions, and more importantly, the developing ears can hear outside the womb. Many researchers believe that when Mom is 5 months pregnant the baby can hear her voice, and this could be the point when bonding begins.

Life for the Baby

As Mom is taking care of her body at 5 months pregnant, the baby is now experiencing regular sleep and wakeful periods. He or she will have eyebrows and hair is starting to grow on the head. It’s possible now with an ultrasound to know if the child is a boy or a girl.

The Regular Check Ups

The mother at 5 months pregnant will find that the routine of having her blood pressure and heart rate measured is even more important at this time. The joy of hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first is an experience every new Mom always remembers. This moment pays for the indigestion, nasal congestion, and cravings that are normal for mothers who are 5 months pregnant.

Back Care for Mothers 5 Months Pregnant

Along with the leg cramps and hemorrhoids, the most common complaint is back pain. The new additional strain for the back should be taken serious. When possible at 5 months pregnant pay attention to posture when sitting for long periods or have to stand. When sleeping, it is always advised to lay on your side rather than sleeping on your back. While sitting for a long hours have a small pillow or other soft support for your back.

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  1. cyndy says:

    Hi my name is five months pregnant and have not met with any doctor 
    Cost i dont have any so worried cos i have a lot
    Of abdominal pain.this is my second pregnancy and the firs
    Ended in a miscarriage.please
    help me cos i dont know wat to do or where to go.


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