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6 Months Pregnant – What to expect?

6 months pregnant6 months pregnant? Wow! that’s just few more days to meet your baby. Most mothers don’t even try to hide the fact when they are this long. While it might seem the wait will never be over, the truth is Moms at 6 months pregnant are passed the mid-way point.

The Baby is Busy

When the mother is 6 months pregnant, the baby is working hard to practice for his or her new life outside the womb. The biggest change that mothers –to-be will see is that the kicks are getting stronger. The baby is not actually kicking, but pedaling those tiny feet to strengthening muscles. Mothers at this stage often call doctor’s office wondering about repeated, rhythmic sharp movements by their baby, but are relieved to find this is probably the baby’s first hiccups as he or she practices swallowing.

Taking Care of Your Health

People are certain to notice the most obvious sign of being 6 months pregnant, which is a larger abdomen and fuller breasts. These rapid changes in the body come with a price as the area around the stomach and abdomen can feel achy and itch as the ligaments are called upon to stretch. Women who are 6 months pregnant complain of constipation, tingling in the hands and feet, and feeling clumsy.

Weight Gain and Being 6 Months Pregnant

Weight gain is natural at this time. Throughout the pregnancy, a gain of up to 25-35 pounds is normal. Keep in mind that especially for those mothers who breastfeed this weight will come off fast. While 6 months pregnant, a doctor will caution mothers to stick to healthy foods and balance meals despite the cravings for sweets. What works for some mothers at 6 months pregnant is to reach for fruit when thoughts of ice cream or candy start to take over. Also drinking plenty of water is recommended.

Normal Concerns when 6 Months Pregnant

As the pregnancy progress, it’s normal for first time mothers to have moments of self-doubt. Watching other Moms it’s possible to believe so much responsibility will be overwhelming. These concerns are actually proof that the bond between mother and child is becoming stronger. At 6 months pregnant comparing one method of parenting to another is a good idea, and so is developing a network of support, but comparing oneself to others isn’t productive.

The Baby’s New Look

One thought that helps new parents is that much of the harder parts of developing are behind the fetus. At this stage when you are 6 months pregnant, the baby could survive in an intensive care, but the safest place is still with Mom. The baby is getting ready by opening his or her eyes in reaction to light. He or she has fully functional vocal cords although these will not get a workout until birth.

A Summary on 6 Months Pregnant

Eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising as approved by a doctor and keeping a positive attitude are the best parenting that’s possible at this point. Mothers when at 6 months pregnant are anxious to hold their child for the first time. Pregnancy itself is more difficult at this time, but eliminating unnecessary stress can help.

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