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8 Months Pregnant Mothers – Concerns and Remedies

8 months pregnant

8 Months Pregnant

For everyone who tells you that your “almost done” while you’re 8 months pregnant you are well aware this isn’t an average month in your life. You’re uncomfortable, and your baby is letting you know it’s becoming a tight fit. Understanding you will soon hold your child in your arms will get through the long nights, and equally tedious days.

The Baby is Almost Here

Right not at 8 months pregnant you know the baby is gaining weight. He or she is probably between 5 to 6 pounds or more while gaining about half a pound a week. The baby will become plumper as some of the weight is in needed fat deposits. These deposits will prove necessary as the little person learns to nurse, breath and move on his or her own.

Less Kicking is OK at 8 months pregnant

Mothers who are 8 months pregnant will find less kicking is the norm as the baby runs out of room. By the time Mom is 8 months pregnant the baby may have already turned to the head down position he or she will need to be in the last few weeks before birth. Mom could feel at times as if the baby’s feet are in her rib cage when the baby stretches out. At this stage, the baby is usually between 18 to 20 inches long.

Relaxin for the 8 Months Pregnant

Nature is doing all it can to make the impossible possible as the baby grows. Relaxin is a hormone produced by the placenta that allows the entire body of the mother to become a little looser. Without relaxin there were be even more discomfort being 8 months pregnant. This hormone plentiful during pregnancy allows the uterus to expand from the size of tennis ball to almost the size of a beach ball. It will also loosen the pelvis, which helps during the birth process.

The Downside of Relaxin

At 8 months pregnant many mothers report increased back pain. In part this is obviously due to the baby and additional weight, however some researchers feel that low back pain could also be related to relaxin. The hormone causes the gait and motion changes in other joints of the body, and can cause additional back pain.

Taking Care of Mom When 8 Months Pregnant

When still putting in hours at work find ways to employ ergonomic techniques as much as possible. A desk position might need re-evaluating at this time for the maximum effect. Get rest whenever possible and despite the fact that when 8 months pregnant you constantly feel you need to visit the bathroom keep drinking a healthy amount of water.

Due Date Approaching

At 8 months pregnant, the doctor could re-evaluate the due date, but ultimately the decision of the time the baby will make an appearance is dictated by nature. Your body is awaiting signals the baby is ready to live outside womb. As the 8th month ends, the baby can be delivered anytime now. So, its time to get your bags readily packed to the hospital, but be prepared to wait.

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