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What the Heck Is A missed Miscarriage?

missed miscarriage

I’ve heard Of Miscarriage- but What the Heck Is A missed Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is a common word that we all will hear at some point; it is the worst fear of pregnant mothers. Until your pregnancy has reached the 12-week mark you are always at risk of having a miscarriage. It’s the laws of nature and there is not really anything that we can do to prevent this; it is in the hands of the gods. A missed miscarriage though is a whole other different kettle of fish. First up, many health practitioners don’t use this term when describing what has happened to the mother. They refer to a missed miscarriage as a ‘missed abortion’.

So just what is a missed miscarriage?

It is a pregnancy that has terminated itself, and the mother has not had any signs of having a natural miscarriage. It can be very shocking because usually the first that the mother hears of suffering from this condition is when she goes along to her 12 week scan to check the fetus. It is then that the radiologist will pick up on the fact that the baby has, in fact, died in the womb, and nature has not attempted to dispose of the remnant of conception.

For the mother, it is awful because professionals will refer to the pregnancy as a missed abortion. This quite often makes you feel like you have gotten rid of your baby on purpose! A little more sensitivity should be used to talk to women who have been diagnosed with this condition. It can be such a shock and have them feeling almost not human. When the woman has told their partner that she is pregnant and has not picked up on the fact that symptoms of pregnancy have, in fact, vanished, she can feel almost incomplete as a woman. The medical professional will ask questions that can quite often be patronizing in a depressive state. Furthermore, after finding out that you are carrying around a ‘missed miscarriage’ in your womb you will feel very disturbed and shocked.

The outcome of this is usually a D and C procedure. You will have to go to have the remaining parts of the pregnancy sucked out of your womb in order to prevent infection. If, on the other hand, you would like to see if you can dispose of them naturally you will be able to get admitted in hospital and take an oral tablet that will help to encourage your womb to contract and dispel the pregnancy. It is not an abortion though, and it is certainly not the fault of the lady who has been diagnosed with the medical term. If you are diagnosed with this condition, then you are not alone although it is less uncommon than the typical miscarriage it does occur.

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