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Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is supposed to be a permanent solution. Many have found to their joy that it can be reversed, while a number of others have to their sorrow that the procedure can fail. Understanding how pregnancy after tubal ligation occurs is helpful in making future decisions no matter the circumstances.

Tubectomy and Pregnancy Tubal Ligation

A tubectomy or tubal ligation in the United States is a standard surgery that allows a woman to have a permanent means of conception. The procedure is usually only performed if a women has a condition, or family history that would put a child or pregnancy at risk, or if she has already given birth to the number of children she desires. As this tubal ligation is a surgical means of birth control, many women are surprised to find that the it is sometimes reversal or that it can fail, and pregnancy after tubal ligation is a possibility.

Effectiveness of Tubal Ligation and Causes of Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Ninety-nine percent is as effective as any procedure for preventing births can be, however there is always that one percent factor of risk. The chief culprit behind the loss of effectiveness and the cause of pregnancy after tubal ligation is time. The fallopian tubes can in a few cases reconnect or reform. That the surgery has failed and that pregnancy after tubal ligation is now a risk is hard to detect. When the reconnection of the tubes is accidental, an ectopic pregnancy is up to twenty percent more likely to occur. Some researchers believe that women who have pregnancy after tubal ligation failure are more likely than those who did not have the surgery to experience an ectopic pregnancy. The reason for these issue is that when the tubes reform on their own the openings of the tubes allow passage of the sperm, but are still too small for the ovum to pass through leaving the fertilized implantation trapped inside the tubal segment.

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation Reversal

Despite the fact that tubal ligation is desired as a permanent means of birth control there are times when life situations change and a women might want to reverse the procedure. This is not always possible. In order to achieve pregnancy after tubal ligation the answer is microsurgery. The effort of microsurgery to achieve pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal does have a high success rate, according to some studies up to ninety-eight percent of reverses are successful. As much hope as this offers women who wish to have a pregnancy after tubal ligation they should be aware that in a small number of cases the original procedure left no proximal tubal opening to the uterus to reconnect. In these cases for pregnancy after tubal ligation to be a possibility, a new opening must be created through the uterine muscle and what remains of the tubal segment can then be inserted into the uterine cavity. This procedure doesn’t guarantee pregnancy, however the rates of ectopic pregnancy in a surgical reconnection are very low.

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