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HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

hcg levels in early pregnancy

HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

The experience of having a baby can lead to knowing more about the workings of the human body than most prospective Moms ever wanted to know. Having information through can make a huge difference for you when pregnant. Being aware of hormones such as the HCG levels in early pregnancy turns the experience from one of mystery to changes that are easily anticipated.

Knowing More about HCG

HCG is a pregnancy hormone. HCG levels in early pregnancy will help to detect your pregnancy. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin enters the blood stream from the cells that form the placenta. The placenta is one of the first forms created after conception as it will shelter and nourish the egg after fertilization. Shortly after the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, the placenta begins to form. HCG levels in early pregnancy can be found as it forms.

A First Indicator

One of the reasons that HCG levels in early pregnancy are so important is it allows for faster detection. HCG levels in early pregnancy are detectable in your blood test only 11 days after conception. Every women are different so does the HCG levels in every woman’s body. Sometimes pregnancy can be detected much earlier in blood tests especially when it is pregnancy with multiples. Within a few weeks, the levels are detected in a urine test. This is because the placenta, will double the levels of HCG every 72 hours reaching a peak by the second month of pregnancy.

HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy Looking at the Numbers

As a doctor can explain, HCG levels in early pregnancy can warn of issues that might affect the success of the pregnancy. For this reason the levels are usually checked a few times in first few months. An example of levels considered average are 5 to 50 mIU/ml at 3 weeks, 650 to 229,000 mIU/ml at 7 to 8 weeks, and topping off at 3,640 to 117,000 mIU/ml at 25 to 40 weeks.

HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy Turning Points

When the HCG levels in early pregnancy reach 1,000 to 2,000mIU/ml doctors often want to perform a transvaginal ultrasound. Most doctors have moved away from looking at the dates of possible dates of conception, which can be wrong, to the HCG levels as this allows more confidence. This doesn’t mean that the dates of pregnancy are determined exclusively by HCG levels since the numbers will be different for every woman.

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HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy Warning Signs

When HCG levels in early pregnancy are low there is no reason to panic, however a doctor will be concerned if levels are lower than what is considered normal he or she might ask for another test within the next few days. Low HCG levels are sometimes seen when the pregnancy date is off, ectopic pregnancy, or possible miscarriage. A molar pregnancy does not involve a developing embryo, but the body is fooled into creating a placenta. Molar pregnancy occurs in 1 out of 1,000 cases in the United States. HCG levels in early pregnancy that are too high could again indicate the calculation of the pregnancy date is off, multiple pregnancy or a molar pregnancy.

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