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When does Morning Sickness Start?

when does morning sickness start

When does Morning Sickness Start?

One of the first questions of pregnancy is when does morning sickness start, and this query will soon be followed with the more plaintive “when does morning sickness end?” The reality is that the exact phase of morning sickness is different for every woman, and that it is based on hormonal changes in the body.

It is Not Necessarily What You Think

One of the reasons that many women ask the question of when does morning sickness start is that they can’t believe what they are experiencing is in fact, morning sickness. The classic representation of morning sickness is that it involves feeling queasy in the morning, but for many women it feels more like an onslaught of nausea that affects them non-stop for several days, or attacks them for weeks at different times. The answer to when does morning sickness start cannot be generalized as every woman has different system and various hormonal levels. Some might start getting those symptoms as early as during the conception. But, normally the signs of morning sickness becomes more obvious around two months pregnant. The duration of early sickness during pregnancy is also unpredictable, as some women experience it merely for a week or so and some might have to go through this until they are 4 or 5 months pregnant.

How to Reduce your Morning Sickness?

Crawling around on the floor is not how you wanted to spend the first weeks of pregnancy. Women who wish to hide the fact they are having a baby for a time often feel that every run to the bathroom is tipping everyone off and those who want to continue working as long as possible are concerned that morning sickness will affect their job. The best way to withstand this problem is to watch what you eat.

The Bad News at Good Time

Many women who believe they knew the second they were pregnant because they felt ill might have point. The real answer to when does morning sickness start is any time after the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall. As soon as implantation occurs hormonal, changes designed to protect the fetus begin. Researchers theorize that early illness started as an evolved trait designed to protect the unborn baby from toxins ingested by the mother.

The Hormones at the Root

After implantation of the fertilized ovum, there is an increase in estrogen. Estrogen levels can double or triple in a matter of a few days, and for many women the rapid change causes immediate symptoms. At the same time there is an increase in progesterone, HCG, and other hormones. When does morning sickness start for most women is noted as being the point when smells of food cooking, raw food, or unpleasant smells immediately upsets the stomach.

Asking a Doctor about When does Morning Sickness Start?

Asking a doctor what you can and cannot do for morning sickness is a good start to ending it. When does morning sickness start during pregnancy and when it affects someone throughout the day is again based on hormonal changes. Ask about over counter medications, and home remedies before trying them to make sure they will not harm the fetus. Since the answer to when does morning sickness start is almost immediately for some women it’s important to correct this situation as much as possible.

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