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Maternity Support Belt Benefits and Disadvantages

maternity support belt

Maternity Support Belt

While pregnant women worry about the baby’s health and their own, the best way to protect the baby, and have a safe pregnancy is to guard every aspect of health as much as possible. Two issues that affect many pregnant women are lower back pain and sore abdominal muscles. The maternity support belt helps during some stages of pregnancy to protect and assist the body’s muscles.

Back Muscles Working Over Time

The maternity support belt is especially helpful for those who start experiencing back pain early in pregnancy. There are two reasons for lower back while pregnant. Later in pregnancy, a maternity support belt helps as the expanding uterus shifts the woman’s center of gravity, which can weaken the abdominal muscles. This over works the back due to the change in posture. Some also experience pain as the uterus presses on a nerve. No matter the schedule by the end of the day, the back feels tired, sore, and worse medications that would usually be taken for this type of pain are not advisable during pregnancy. The maternity support belt worn throughout the day can alleviate some of the tiredness and muscle fatigue.

More Causes for Back and Abdominal Soreness

Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy trigger a natural looseness for joints and ligaments attaching the pelvic bones to the spine. This is necessary to accommodate the baby, and later to make birth easier, but during this time, it can cause back issues that require the use of a maternity support belt. The hormonal influence on the back muscles causes women to feel less stable when walking, sitting for long periods, rolling over in bed, getting out of certain chairs, and of course getting in and out of the tub. The maternity support belt can help with an extra feeling of stability throughout the day.

Abdominal Changes in Pregnancy and the Maternity Support Belt

Another reason for the pressure on the back is the strain on the abdominal muscles. Here the hormone relaxin is at work helping the muscles of the abdominal region as they are drastically stretched. While the connective tissue in this area of the body does provide some degree of elasticity relaxin helps to loosen the muscles by increasing the water content of the fibers within the connective tissue. What this means for those who use the maternity support belt is that the device should be loose and soft enough to wear comfortably, but still offer more stability.

What to Look for in the Maternity Support Belt

Before purchasing a maternity support belt, women should consult a doctor. The maternity support belt should support the lumbar and abdominal regions. Most doctors will recommend a maternity support belt that is adjustable enough to accommodate the abdominal growth throughout the pregnancy without putting too much pressure on the abdominal area. For most women belts that have elastic side panels are the most comfortable. In most cases, a maternity support belt is worn under clothing allowing for privacy.

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