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How to Make Your Partner More Involved During Your Pregnancy

Make Partner More InvolvedPregnancy can be a very stressful time. The transition from being single and all loved up with your partner, and then the thought of having a baby to take care of can be a scary time for ladies and men alike. This article covers tips on how to make your partner a lot more involved during the pregnancy.

Men are dozy, although they don’t mean to be it is their nature. Unless you train your man and get him used to being involved in your pregnancy health care then you will not be happy. During the pregnancy you will be feeling a little more emotional than usual; your hormones will be all over the place. You need to make your man know that you need him more. Many ladies complain that their man does not understand just what is involved in the pregnancy, nor do they show any signs of sympathy for the aches and pains endured by women throughout the 9 months. Of course, this does not apply to all men, but for the ones it does apply to you need to change them to be more sympathetic and involved.

Start by making sure that your man goes to the scans with you. By taking your partner over to your scans he will be able to get a visual picture and see the baby that he helped to make. By entering into the hospital and seeing all of the equipment and the other ladies that are there with their partner it will also make your man want to copy what other men are doing! Tell your partner that you feel safe when he is at your side and that you cannot imagine going to see the midwife alone.

Try to get him to go to all of your midwife visits. When you have to have a blood test, or a urine sample taken in routine visits to the midwife make sure to mention this to your man. Don’t feel ashamed and hide the procedures. Sit down and try to encourage your man to talk about the birth and the methods of pain relief that you will use. Encourage him to make decisions to so that he feels bonded with the baby before he or she is born. Also, make sure to tell your partner when the baby kicks you and get him to place his hand on your stomach so that he can also feel the kicks and acknowledge the little one growing inside you.

Most men automatically start to become more protective toward their partner when she is pregnant. You should start to feel a lot closer to your man during the 9 months of pregnancy by following these tips. Good luck, you are going to need it!


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