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Two Months Pregnant and those Tummy Butterflies

two months pregnantTwo months pregnant women will notice their excitement isn’t wearing off yet. At this point it’s common to find that pregnancy is the first thought when waking. This isn’t just the lingering morning sickness, or indigestion talking however, this is also the knowledge you are adding to your family.

Digestive Problems

For most women the outward signs aren’t readily apparent yet at Two Months Pregnant. Inwardly, the body is adjusting and slowing down the digestive system is part of the plan to allow the fetus more nutrients. This can cause the initial Morning Sickness to linger usually showing up to make breakfast almost impossible, or indigestion after having a meal. This is one of the most common symptom when you are two months pregnant. It is a good idea to eat lightly when experiencing these problems, and don’t force yourself to overeat to make up for lost meals.

Things to Avoid at Two Months Pregnant

This is a period of transition for many mothers. Things you will find yourself giving up for this new life at two months pregnant include coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, smoking and of course drugs. Ask a doctor regarding any medications you are taking. Even over the counter medications can be harmful so also read warnings carefully. Don’t be overly concerned regarding those few weeks when you didn’t know you were pregnant. Concentrate on taking care of the life inside you, and watch out for any dangers.

Get Rid of all your Stress

Strong emotions are hard to control when hormones are running high, and your stomach is in a constant state of chaos. Strange as it sounds keeping something like crackers that are simple for your stomach to digest can help keep your breakfast down, and your spirits up. Low blood sugar can wreck havoc with your emotions when you are two months pregnant so having some low calorie fuel with you for emergencies is helpful. Some low-key songs on a personal music device can also help you gain perspective when you feel out of control.

The Growth of the Baby

Your baby is roughly an inch long from the top of the head to tiny rear end. At this point, the baby still has a tail that is rapidly disappearing. Buds have appeared that will grow to be arms and legs soon. While you are two months pregnant, the fetus’s skin is so translucent the veins are easy to spot, but the heart is already beating behind a tiny chest. At some point while you are at two months pregnant the fetus will start making very small, but spontaneous movements. This is so slight you won’t feel them, but know that the fetus’s brain is now growing rapidly and soon will there will be ears.

Preparing for the Future at Two Months Pregnant

When you are two months pregnant, you aren’t alone in being cautious about making too many changes. Many mothers wait until after three months to mention to others that there is a pregnancy at all. Making mental plans however for how to handle the next seven months is a good idea, and will help you pass the next few exciting weeks.At Two Months pregnant, it is a roller coaster ride between morning sickness, excitement and mood swings isn’t it?

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